Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 4th birthday, Cade!!!!!!

Happy 4th birthday, my sweet love Cade.

I love you more than life. I love your smile, your Machiavellian laugh, your long blond locks, your even longer eye-lashes, your runway model walk, your clinging monkey hugs, your school drop-off neck-locks, your frustrating habits, which I will not mention here, and the way you climb on my lap when you are tired. I love the way you stand up to kids twice your size, not letting anyone take advantage of you or keep you down.

I love the way you do whatever Jackson does and say whatever Jackson says, because you love him and you copy him. I love that you are learning how to make him laugh, except I would prefer that you not do it when it is time for you to both be asleep in your beds.

I love that you have your own opinion and the confidence to do your own thing. I love you when you are good and when you are bad. I love the way you touch the same spot on my neck since you were 6 mos old, I love that you find comfort through doing that. I love the way you climb into my bed in the morning and say, "nuggle time, Mama," and when I try and get up for the day you grab me and say, "one more minute, Mama."

I love you to the moon and back. I love you I love you I love you.

Happy birthday, little man.

Xoxo, Mama

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Happy Birthday Cade!
lOVE, Great Aunt Jane