Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jackson's 40th birthday present to Mama

Last night, as I was tucking Jackson into bed, he said, "Do you want your birthday present now?" I was a little tired so I said, "No, tomorrow will be good. We can wait til then." He asked me again and I realized I better say yes. He looked in my eyes and said, "My birthday present to you is you get to sleep with Blue for the night."

Blue is Jackson's blankie that he has slept with every night of his life. Florida, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Dean Street, my floor, camping - - every single night.

Break my heart, what a sweet boy. He was nervous. He said, "But if I need him I can come in and get him." We agreed on that, and I took him to my room. He didn't need to come and get him.

More Blue here, and here.


Jonathan Milott said...

I could use blue way out here on the other side of the country.

janecappy@yahoo.com said...

Did Grammy make blue?

chiara said...

No, she made a solid blue colored one that we also have on his bed. I think someone at St. Edward's made this one. For some reason, he gravitated towards this one.

nikki said...

that is so sweet