Thursday, July 17, 2008

concert at the library

Tuesday evening we were so lucky to get to see one of our favorite artists perform. Elizabeth Mitchell sang at the Woodstock Public Library. We have been listening to her songs since you were a wee little baby. There's one song, "So Glad I'm Here" that, in those special days when we just got you home from the hospital, I would sing to you while we waited for Daddy to get home, rocking you back and forth in my arms.

You loved the concert, leaving my side to crawl into the center of the rug, dancing, and at one point, shaking an orange morocco that someone had given you.

I smiled when she started the concert by singing the Little Bird song. The name of this blog, Molasses Candy, is actually a lyric from that song. I love it, I love to sing it to you, and I think you love it too.

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