Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 wedding pictures, 5 gift ideas

Today is our five year wedding anniversary. Daddy + me = five years married. Five happy happy years! According to tradition, the 5 year anniversary is symbolized by............wood. Romantic, no? I thought long and hard about what to give your father for a gift. My first thought was a boat, since that's made out of wood. I thought it appropriate since Jon can sail and that always impressed me to no end. So Jon, I wanted to get you this:

BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM BUILT SCHOONER! But even though it lists the price as negotiable, I thought it might be a little bit out of our range. So then I found this one:

A DUYFKEN 37" wooden ship model wood sailing boat! on ebay. No bids yet, and bidding's still open. Then I scrapped that idea and wanted to get you a tree. But oh yeah, we live in Brooklyn on the third floor. And I would probably kill it anyway.

Then I found this print by our friend Todd St. John on 20x200. Wood blocks, perfect!

Then I thought, the opposite of wood is fire! And I've been thinking for a while that we need a fire extinguisher.

Good idea, right?! And look, you can get an entire little family of them! It can symbolize our happy little family.

Happy anniversary, Jon. I love you so very much.

PS I didn't actually get you anything yet but it's on its way.
PPS #5 picture from Jackson's Wayne Thiebaud's Counting board book.

PPPS I just found this picture and had to add it, because I love it:


abigail said...

happy anniversary!!
I love those pictures!

abigail said...

next year will be your iron anniversary! better start thinking about what to get for that one now!

Honest Jon said...

I love you! Thanks for the best 5 years of my life and the greatest gift of Jackson. You are the best mother, wife and a really good blogger (who would have know?).
P.S. - I'll take the first choice but we'll also need a beach house, which is my fantasy gift to you, since its made out of wood too:)