Monday, October 13, 2008

wonderful weekend

From the idyllic setting, the picture perfect lake, the flaming red gold and green foliage, the saturday morning pancakes, bacon AND eggs, the group effort at the NY Times crossword puzzle, the late night scrabble, the mid-afternoon nap, the antiquing jaunt, to the great company of new women friends - the weekend was just perfect.

The best part was coming home - you were on your way back from the playground, so I walked down Dean Street to meet you. You smiled and started kicking your legs in your stroller, and my heart just about burst open.

More pictures here.

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Honest Jon said...

You were so sad without mama. You really missed her and needed lots of hugs. You even found the pacifier and suddenly became attached to it. Now that mama is back you don't need it anymore. Don't tell mom about all the cool parties, football, video-games and other manly things we did;)