Friday, February 27, 2009


Just the other day, I was talking to Mimi about creating a terrarium. Then I get an email from Michael showing me his new amazing homemade terrariums. Then I see this book on Cookie's Nesting site. Then I remember that I wanted to make one last August. Jackson, I wish you were old enough for Michael and you to make one together. Someday?

PS. The author of the book, Tovah Martin, once wrote an article about Mimi and her garden for a local newspaper.

{Top photo from nesting, bottom two are Michael's.}


abigail said...

I want to make one too! think they'll have that book at the library?

Diana said...

Oh my goodness, it's like terrarium serendipity week! My hubby and I are crazy about them and had just picked up a new glass jar and started to research what we wanted to put in it, when I discovered that book existed!

I think it may be entering my library very soon.