Monday, September 21, 2009

Geesh. We've been really busy. We had an awesome weekend with Abigail. We walked around the neighborhood, went back to The Good Fork, walked along the pier behind Fairway, saw the Statue of Liberty (across the river), ate cupcakes, saw some old trolleys (BIG HIT), went into the City, had Vietnamese, went to open houses, ordered take-out, and of course, played doot doot.

Our laptop is busted so I can't post any pictures, but there are some good ones. Hopefully, the laptop will be fixed soon. Sooner than the TV, which has been broken since BEFORE CADE WAS BORN, just for the record.

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abigail said...

that doot doot has seen better days!

I had so much fun and have been pestering Steven about looking for a job at Columbia and winning the lottery since I got home.