Monday, February 22, 2010

the best thing

The best thing about moving to our new house - Uncle Michael and Auntie Gwyneth live on the VERY SAME block. What are the chances, in all of Brooklyn, that that would happen? Clearly it was meant to be.

Michael has been helping us immensely, as always, with the new house. I just hope I can make it up to him someday.

There's been lots of times when it'll be total chaos and I'll look over and see Gwyn hanging out with Jackson or Cade. She knows just how to get Jackson to laugh and play and be happy, which is more than I can do somedays. And I know she'll be the same way with Cade.

AND, we get to take Ajax on walks, and play in the backyard with him. Jackson is ecstatic. Just the other day he was walking Cade's little doggy toy, calling him Ajax.

Six more days......


abigail said...

6 more days! whoa.

you're gonna have such great neighbors!

Michael said...

yeah and back yard bbq's!

chiara said...

and pizza parties!