Thursday, April 22, 2010

baby's first wedding

Well, not really, since he didn't actually go to the wedding. But he did go to Austin with us.

Jamie and Amanda's wedding was awesome. Everything was perfect - Amanda's pink dress, blue shoes, flowers, venue, beautiful view of Texas hills behind the ceremony, cupcakes, photobooth, good food, TOASTS!, fabulous + beautiful friends, hilarious grandmother. The blue grass band was so good.

We had a great time.

Too bad on the flight back Cade slept a total of 44 minutes, and the rest of the time was like a rabid squirrel on our laps. Oh yeah, a squirrel that recently learned how to scream like a girl in a horror movie. Nightmare on Jet Blue. To be avoided at all costs.

But as Jon said, nice that he got to spend a little time with Cade alone, for the first time.

update : the wedding is featured on style me pretty!

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