Saturday, August 7, 2010

pie please

Today we went to a new AWESOME pie shop called Four and Twenty Blackbirds. They have pies like Peach Berry, Apple Rhubarb, Stone Fruit Crumble, Plum Crumble, Nectarine Blueberry, Honeyed Rhubarb, Blood Orange and Rhubarb, Lavender Blueberry.....

We got a slice of Blueberry Pie and Jackson chose a Chocolate Chip cookie. Of course they were out of the cookies. So he choose a Peach "Slab" - like a squashed turnover - and of course, decided "I not like it" after one bite. So Jon and I fought over it.

Cade fussed and crawled around and tried to crawl onto the table. He did not like either the Blueberry Pie or the Peach Slab.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
439 Third Ave. at 8th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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