Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Jackson and Cade,

Your mama and dada are coming up on their 7th wedding anniversary. If you have any ideas what I should get your father, please post your suggestions in the comments section. What? You don't post comments? Really. You don't even use the computer yet? Oh really? Well then, what's this picture of then.....and this one too? A-ha. I thought so.

7th Wedding Anniversary

For the seventh anniversary, traditional materials are copper and wool and the modern materials are brass and desk sets.

With copper and brass, ideas might include jewelry and home decorations such as sculptures, furniture, or appliances.

For wool, this might be a decorative rug or perhaps a wool blanket to cuddle under together when watching a movie. Or you could give clothing such as a warm shawl for her or a sweater for him.


abigail said...

the 7th was the hardest to think of a present!
I think you should do what we did and go to Copper Harbor here in Michigan. You can drop the kids off here ;)

carolemania said...

Seven years! Wow. And 'trouble' forgot to mention 'BUT CUTE'

3 more days to Jamestown! We'll do a lot of celebrating. Maybe jon and you will go out on a date alone.....OMG
Can't wait

Mary Lou said...

dream on...How about an old copper tea kettle?

chiara said...

jon would love that! ha ha!

Suz said...


Hope that helps you with some ideas!