Monday, February 7, 2011

superbowl sunday

Yesterday we had a little superbowl get-together, complete with pigs-n-blankies (that Jackson helped me make), Amanda's queso and layered-bean-dip, mini-pies from Dub Pies (thank you Jon and Jess and Calvin), tamales from Jose, some old-school Chex Mix from John and Ruth and Penn, and cupcakes (Jackson also helped frost). Brooksie won the pool. and Jackson freaked out when it was time for bed because he was having such a good time.

I can't remember if we skipped a year when Cade was due....but here's Jackson's first and second superbowls.

Jackson's frosting kind of looks like the play diagrams, right?

Last minute football garland.


nikki said...

that looks all so fun! i love your invite!

carolemania said...

Loved the garland of footballs and the cupcakes looked yummy. But the hot dogs that Jackson was wrapping would be my first choice.
Party looked awesome