Tuesday, March 22, 2011

weekend at Sammy's

We had an awesome time in Massachusetts this past weekend, celebrating Auntie Nikki's birthday. Jackson and Cade were in HEAVEN playing with Sammy non-stop. In fact, Jackson was so pysched he stayed up til midnight on Saturday night, and Cade woke up at 4 for good on Sunday morning. Awesome!

Nikki told me that after school when she got home Sammy said, "Is Cade and Jackson here?" She said "No they had to go home," and he said "Did they say good bye?" She said yes and that they could come visit. He said, "OK this Wednesday!"


abigail said...

Sammie looks so grown up and tall!
So cute!

Mary Lou said...

love the photo

nikki said...

oh we had such a great time! what a great birthday weekend with my favorite people! thank you guys! xo