Saturday, April 30, 2011

pen pal!!

The other day Jackson and Cade were THRILLED when there was a letter for them in the mailbox when we got home from school, all the way from AFRICA!

Our friend Andrew is MAKING A MOVIE called The Forgotten Kingdom to be released in 2012.
It looks amazing. The pictures I've seen are really stunningly beautiful.

The Forgotten Kingdom is a feature length drama that tells the story of a wayward young African man who leaves the slums of Johannesburg to bury his father in their ancestral land, the country of Lesotho. Haunted by memories of his youth, he is led by an orphan herdboy on an arduous journey through forbidding mountains and remote villages, towards the woman that he loves—and his own bittersweet reckoning.

Look - here.

And 'like' it on Facebook: here.

AND read Andrew's account of making the movie here.

Thank you Andrew for the sweet, old-fashioned letter in our mailbox.

Jackson and Cade can't wait to see you again. Although Cade politely declined your offer of snakes in his bed.

PS The shopping cart, abandoned on your first trip, was called a "bunny." Our dear, departed, bright blue bunny.


Mary Lou said...

That is exactly the kind of movie I love to see. so tell your friend we'll be waiting for it.

carolemania said...

I also would love to see another movie by Andrew... Tell him WOW...