Wednesday, May 18, 2011

co-op school t-shirts

As part of attending the Co-op School, parents are required to serve on committees and help with different aspects of the school. 

I'm on the Fundraising Committee, my task was to design some t-shirts to sell. The classes in the school are Grasshoppers, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Fireflies, Bumblebees and Caterpillars. I made a shirt where the kids could check of the box of the class they are in. (Jackson is a Butterfly, Cade will be a Ladybug next year). Well, really, I thought of it and Jon did all the hard work, because he is an amazing designer and can do things in 10 minutes to my 10 hours. Except when I do it all wrong and he has to go back and fix it all, then it takes him longer than 10 minutes. 

I just got my hands on one of of the shirts and took some pictures of Jackson and Cade wearing it. Then Jon designed this great flyer to sell the t-shirts. 

I hope they sell! 

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carolemania said...

great t-shirts...where can I buy 1,000.

Good job Chiara, Jon, Jackson and Cade