Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the take-down

 It started out as a joyful hug.

Then Maya took him DOWN.


Jon said...

Maya is giving the boys a head start on relations with girls. e.g. Just when you think they are going to hug you, they are actually setting up a suplex body slam.
Thanks for the lessons Maya;)

rox said...

Exactly Jon! You got it right!! It's better to teach them at an early age, then it won't be an issue later in life! Right Chiara?!

nikki said...

too funny! someone took cade down and it was a girl!

carolemania said...

this is top of 'the funniest Cade episodes' Hope this is a 'utube' special.

Do you think Cade is too young for 'American Idol'