Monday, May 9, 2011

firsts, dentist

Finally, finally (!), this bad mother took her firstborn to the dentist.

He was a champion, fearless, tearless and so grown-up. Not at all what I expected.

His teeth are perfect. X-rayed the busted tooth where he fell and it's OK. He does have deep grooves like his mama. Expecting a future of cavities.

Good job, little man.


Jon said...

Good job buddy. You are always really tough when I least expect it. I think it's the extreme terror you have for flies that makes me doubt you sometimes, but you even held a wiggle worm the other day and slept with your night light moon off all night.

Jon said...

I love the way the light shining on his chest makes him look like he has a glowing heart like E.T.

chiara said...

E.T. phone home!!!!

carolemania said...

very proud with this fearless young guy. Hope he continues this bravery. very impressive. Holding a wiggle even I couldn't do that so good.

think the photo is priceless.