Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sweet mother's day

I got to sleep 'til 9!

Jackson wrote "Mama I love you. "

He also thinks I am faithful and good at fixing. And also, awesome, brave, brilliant, cheerful, considerate, cool..........

Jon made the best blueberry pancakes.

And Cade ate seven of them.


Jon said...

Good thing he ate 7 because I was in charge of feeding them the rest of the day and with all the fun, they ended up eating a bite of a muffin, a bag of puffies and some cereal.

Jon said...

FYI - The note from Jackson: I did help him to spell it out but he did write each letter. The drawing is a rocket ship, which is his signature, go-to, drawing du-jour.

carolemania said...

wow.. love this photo. Could be an great ad for 'jon's blueberry pancakes'.

love that he loves them.

need the recipe.