Monday, April 16, 2012

eating away the weekend in Brooklyn

This weekend we had a short and sweet visit from Abigail and Steven, who brought us this cookbook I've always wanted to own (thank you!) We managed to eat at two of the restaurants in it this trip (Vanderbilt, Brooklyn Larder), and realized we've been to five others together over the years - Al Di La, Locanda Vini e Olii, The Good Fork,  Flatbush Farm, and The Farm on Adderley. 15 more to go!

Steven and Abigail were also so gracious as to accompany us to Jackson's first Little League T-ball game (see below), and Parade down 7th Avenue, a few playgrounds, some quality time in the backyard with the bouncy house, and Cade was the happy recipient of lots of story books read by his god-mama. :)


abigail said...

best weekend ever, but too short!

Somebody needs to figure out how to move Ann Arbor closer to Brooklyn :)

Mary Lou said...

i love this photo!

nikki said...

so cute