Friday, May 18, 2012

the worst

Yesterday I did what I've been fearing for the past 5 years - I locked myself out of the car, with Cade inside. Let me start by saying he was fine, but I was not. As soon as I shut the door and heard the beep, my heart sank. Cade was strapped in and had his toys and water in reach, but it was a warm day. Thankfully not a 98* summer in New York City day, but still. As time passed I could see beads of sweat forming on his upper lip and his hair getting plastered to his forehead.

Jon helped me call a locksmith but I realized that Auntie Kate could get the spare car key and get to us faster than the locksmith. Thank you Kate for coming to our rescue, literally. People walking by kept asking if they could help and one woman even stayed with me til Kate came. A workman offered to smash the window but I knew Kate was close. No, I did not think to call AAA and don't ask me why. It didn't occur to me.

The funny thing is I usually leave two doors open at all times because I am so afraid of doing exactly what I did.

When we opened the door Cade was so hot and flushed and just wanted me to hold him tight.

Of course within 5 minutes he was fine.

We went to Ample Hills Creamery and Cade got Cotton Candy blue ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.


nikki said...

oh no! i want to cry for you! glad it's all ok now.xo

Michael A said...

whoa! oh boy i hope you got a taste of that icecream cone too. In the last photo i think i see a hint of "jackpot" in Cade's eyes

bevy said...

That's awful. It happened to my mother once with my child in the car, but fortunately my child was able to hit the unlock button and grandma opened the door quick!

abigail said...

poor Cade, and POOR YOU!!

gabrielle said...

oh no! that sounds awful. good thing cade got some ice cream! just found your blog and LOVE your etsy shop. looks like we are neighbors too, i live near ample hills.