Friday, July 20, 2012

happy 3rd birthday, baby cade!

Dear Cade,


Cade, you're pretty hilarious. You make a joke, you throw your head back and you laugh to yourself this crazy laugh. You tickle me by walking your fingers up my arms, head, whatever you can reach. This is especially funny to you if I am trying to tie your shoes, or help you in your jammies. You climb up on my lap at the most inopportune times (now). You sit nicely for 30 seconds but then you just can't help yourself from touching the keyboard, or the mouse....

You're wearing big-boy underpants now and doing pretty good. Sometimes you stop what you are doing and ask me, "Mama, am I wearing diapers or UNDERWEARS?" (a word I hate but Jon always says so now Cade always says), and I can see your mind working. Mostly, you make the right choice.

At night we read, then take you in your room and sing "Jackson and Cade Song" and "Yellow Submarine. " Sometimes you ask that I rub your head or rock you (on my shoulder). These are some of my favorite moments. Then you ruin it by asking for "that book" "not that book" "I want water" "Put my blanket on me" "Turn the light on" "Turn the light out" and a million other things to procrastinate going to sleep and prolong the process (just like your Dada used to do).

This year, you and Jackson have really started playing together. Lego spaceships, trains, light sabers, t-ball in the backyard - now you're buddies - permanent, full-time buddies. It's awesome. Did I mention your love of wrestling with him? Knock down, on top of each other, cracking up the whole time. Til someone starts crying, of course.

Happy Birthday, little buddy. I love you so very much. I love when you come into bed in the morning and snuggle up. I love when you ask me something so earnestly. I especially love it when I would pick you up from school and walk into your classroom and you would hear me and drop whatever you were playing with and run to me and give me the biggest, best, longest hug, with that biggest, best grin on your face.


P.S. 2nd birthday. 1st birthday.

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bevy said...

With a cake like that, he should never need therapy.