Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We're all safe and sound here in Brooklyn.

The storm came and passed, and I think the most damage has been to Jon's and my mental health, a little worse for wear as we round the corner into Day 3 with them at home.

Fearing the worst, we filled the tub with water, filled pots on the stove, got out the candles, flashlights and prepared Jackson (who sleeps with the light on, remember what we're dealing with?) for the possibility of the lights going out. He fell asleep clutching a flashlight in his sweaty little hand. Sweaty because he was suffering a 104 fever...this was Sunday night.....just as we ran out of Children's Advil......

He's much better now (A day of lying on the couch, drinking Gatorade, reading Richard Scarry books and watching Dinosaur Train did wonders).

It got pretty windy last night and a few times we were certain the power would go out, but it didn't. I was scared of trees flying through our old glass windows, but they didn't. Today we took a quick walk and saw a few trees down in the neighborhood, but luckily, not much damage.

School is closed again tomorrow and no telling when the subway will be back up.

Tomorrow, we'll be making more puzzles, more tracks, more Legos, more caterpillars and ninja birds out of egg cartons.....I haven't mentioned to them that it's Halloween. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

My heart goes out to all those suffering real damage and loss.

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