Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween, 2013


Jackson, tremendously handsome as Superman. Cade, rocking the Tiger outfit Jackson wore in 2011. And 2012.

A successful, fun night in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace. About 60! and a few drops of rain that quickly passed.

We must have hit 75 houses, pumpkins full to the top when we got home.

Jackson went to school this morning with his Clark Kent forehead-curl still intact.

And from Instgram:

And finally, what Cade was supposed to be, two days before Halloween. Rejected it:


abigail said...

did you make that elephant head???

chiara said...

hell no. i can only sew flat things, like pillowcases or napkins. or pants that are two flat pieces of fabric sewn together but really skinny little boys can fit in them.

Bubblegum Casting said...

great costumes!

bubblegum casting