Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday night, while you slept

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Tonight Claricia came while we went to Matt's wedding. Might I say, it was so wonderful?

1. it was at Frankies on Court Street, and the food was amazing. I kept saying to Jon, 'why don't we go come here more often?!' I was full after the antipasti - and there were still four courses to come!

2. they decorated with beautiful arrangements and those HUGE balloons Oh Happy Day has posted about (which I LOVE).

3. the favors were the prettiest chocolates (Mast Brothers Chocolates, from Brooklyn), with the most wonderful packaging. AND sea salt on the dark chocolate! oh lordy!

4. i wore a new j crew dress (can't even find it on the website) and the designer of the dress (one of the bridesmaids) introduced herself and complimented me on my 'accessorizing' of the dress. the dress has pockets. and ruffles.

5. did I mention the food was delicious?

6. it all started with a beautifully addressed envelope arriving in the mail a few months ago. and the name cards were equally as beautiful ~ with a little sprig of eucalyptus tied on with velvet ribbon. i love white ink on chocolate brown background. someday i'll learn how to do calligraphy for real. sigh. {update February 6, 2009: in a Daily Candy email sent out today, the calligrapher was featured. Turns out our envelope is one she uses for her examples: look here.}

7. the cake toppers looked very much like the bride and groom.

& they had polaroid cameras, film, and these beautiful books for polaroids and writing messages to the bride and groom.

congratulations Matt & Karen! we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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Cary Walker said...

beautiful blog! thanks for stopping by mine. your pics arte lovely and so is your little one:)