Monday, September 28, 2009

babies' first wedding

So Saturday we celebrated Brett and Bryan's wedding here in Brooklyn. It was beautiful. The ceremony was so heartfelt and moving. Brett was beautiful, Bryan was dapper, and of course, Gael and Hayden were stunning in their little suits.

I went to the Brooklyn Farmer's Market at 8 am and got buckets full of the most beautiful dahilas, cosmos, salvia, butterfly weed, a few zinnias and a cornflower blue flower I don't know the name of (Mom? Jane? Help?). Everyone pitched in, helping decorate with the tissue paper flower garlands (inspired by), the lanterns (inspired by), the lights, cleaning up, and the awesome photobooth. (I don't have any pictures from the photo booth yet but hopefully will soon.)

The Moroccan-inspired menu was delicious. The cupcakes were pretty, perfect, AND delicious.

Cade was all dressed up in his new bib from Aunt Penny. Jackson was all dressed up in his bow-tie I made last week (yes, I did it), and Abigail's gorgeous green hand-knit sweater.

When we were dancing, Hayden was throwing a green bowler up in the air. Jackson thought that was HILARIOUS. Last night during dinner, I was asked to play the "Hayden Hat song" 8, maybe 9 times in a row.

All around, it was a perfect, lovely celebration. Congratulations again to Brett, Bryan, Hayden & Gael. We love you all so much. (And it's no secret that Jackson doesn't just love Brett, but he LOVES her. He has a crush on her. And with good reason!) All the very best for your life together!


Denise Fasanello said...

Chiara - these are gorgeous! LOVE the colors and the tissue balls. I must post this on my blog, yes?

chiara said...

of course! I'd be thrilled. :)

Ruth said...

The flowers look gorgeous, as do all the decorations. I especially love Brian's lapel flower. You are gifted, C!

brett said...

So many thanks, my dear and talented friend! The decorations came out amazing, and just like I imagined they would be, and your photos are perfect too. xo, Brett

Steven said...

What a nice sweater!!