Thursday, September 23, 2010

worth a thousand words

While we were in Rhode Island, we tried our hardest to get a picture of all three boys. Which is surprisingly difficult. Someone is inevitably crying, blinking, or putting something in their mouth.

We walked down to the harbor and told the boys to sit on the edge of the pier. Which was good for a minute til we told Sammy to make sure that Cade didn't fall in the water. He became very concerned. It was the sweetest and funniest thing. To the point that he was gripping and grabbing Cade - as you can see in that last picture. Around his neck. I laugh every time I look at that picture.


abigail said...

hilarious! i was wondering what was going on in that photo.

I love the second photo. Sammy looks like he's hatching a plan and Jackson and Cade look like they're in on it.

Jon said...

the real reason cade looks totally freaked out is Nikki and Chiara were going ape nuts bananas behind the camera to try to get them to all look in the same direction.

carolemania said...


Moments to Remember. great photos. Wish I was there taking a photo of Chiara and Nikki trying to get their attention. ha ha. It is really funny when you know the characters. So glad we can look back to these memories.