Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year we were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in Binghamton, NY at Auntie Gwyneth's parents Lorna and Conrad. As you can see from the pictures, the food was outstanding. Turkey, green beans, stuffing, ham (Jon's favorite), rich red cranberry relish, savory and sweet stuffed acorn squash, gravy, cheddar and corn muffins ~ and a roaring fire in the other room. And of course, the good company of our families being together.

Yet with all this delicious food, this is what Jackson and Cade had for their Thanksgiving dinner 2010: Jackson had four crackers with brie, and Cade had three quarters of a corn-cheddar muffin.

Then Cade almost knocked over Conrad's beautiful handmade console and proceeded to stomp on the dried flowers that were scattered on the floor.

Then we all drove over to Michael and Gwyn's NEW HOME!!! Which is fantastic, and huge, and light-filled, and spacious, and has more closets in its little finger than we have in our entire home here in Brooklyn.

We had pie, and pie and pie, and full bellies, and went to bed stuffed to the gills. More on the rest of the weekend soon.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving too!


abigail said...

the food looks delicious. what was in the beans? They look so yummy I want to eat them right now.

Congratulations to Michael and Gwyneth on their new home!

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Anonymous said...

these squash look fantastic!

Aunt jane

Anonymous said...

those squash klook delicious! Aunt jane

Anonymous said...

I hate this comment thing it nver works easily and always comes out twice