Saturday, May 25, 2013

happy 6th birthday, Jackson!


Dear Jackson, 

My sweet, sweet boy. Today you turn 6. 

You are a gentle, kind, mellow (except when you get crazy), thoughtful, handsome and smart little man. You are learning to read - in fact, last night I heard you reading Pajama Time to Cade after you were supposed to be in your bed, standing up, leaning over his bed to read it to him. You're already good at math. 

I'm so incredibly proud of you, of what you accomplish, of who you are becoming. You only want to wear Superhero shirts. You have trouble putting on your socks. You love to dance to Gangam Style. You love to make your own movies. You still love to climb trees. You lost your first tooth. You learned how to ride a bike. You can put together a Lego set faster than I can read the directions for it. You love kittens, puppies and chicks like there's no tomorrow. Your big blue eyes kill me every time I look into them. This past year has been a hard one for you - Kindergarten, a new school, new friends, new routine, new everything. Some days you need a lot of hugs. As we know, you are an anxious little guy, and you struggle sometimes to stay strong. Nightmares are common, and we don't watch a lot of movies because you tend to be afraid of everything. You draw in your journal - actually, your index of Superhero, Good Guys and Bad Guys, every night, and you can't seem to brush your teeth without making a mess of your chin and the entire bathroom.

Happy Birthday, my dear sweet boy. I love you more than you can imagine - I will love you forever and ever, "googaplex times infinity plus 101" - as big as the Empire State Building.

Love, Mama

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abigail said...

Happiest Birthday sweet boy!! I hope we get to see yo super soon!

ps. I usually think Jackson looks like you, but in the latest photos he's looking more and more like Jon :)