Sunday, June 16, 2013


......of being with you, on Father's Day, Dada!

Jon, we miss you so much. I hope we never have to spend another Father's Day apart from you!

This is so hard. Clearly, we all miss you so much. Everyday, I feel the pain of your absence and can't wait for the day that our family can be together again. Being without you has shown me just how much we love you, and appreciate you, and cherish you, and need you. I'm sorry you're missing us/me/them, but I am so proud of you. While I struggle with them everyday, I can't imagine how much you must be missing them right now.

Know that we love you every minute of every day or every hour.

Happy Father's Day, Dada! Now make that movie and come back soon!

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Jonathan Milott said...

I miss my family!! I want my family! ;)
I can't imagine how soldiers feel being separated from their families for activity duty. Being away is the hardest part.
I love you.