Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday, Jackson!

My dear, sweet Jackson,

And now you are 8! The sweetest, smartest, best little 8 year old I know. Continually making us smile. I'm so proud of who you are becoming as you get older. You're a hard worker, a great student - coming home and immediately doing your homework before I even ask you. Your notes from your teachers consistently say things like, "Good job, Jackson! We love how hard you are working!" You are an avid reader, going on to the Brooklyn Public Library website and placing holds on books you want to read. Dragon Slayers series, 39-Story Treehouse, Mighty Robots series, and of course, anything with penguins in it. Your love of penguins has reached a whole new level. You just completed an amazing science fair project on penguins. You did just a good job, including 17 watercolor paintings of the 17 different types of penguins. You are so talented, buddy.

You swim like a fish and are one of the top 3 swimmers in your PS10 class. You're in the Fish class at the Y, and even though you hate it, you get in there and do your laps without complaining.  You started karate this year and I love watching you - so loud and precise - with your kicks and arm chops. You love it.

Your favorite toys are Legos. You can put together legos like a machine. You just got some GREAT sets from Bebe and I'm sure you are going to put them together in no time at all. Once you start something, you get it done.

Your favorite food - still pizza. In fact, you ate half a pizza on Sunday. Later you came up to me and whispered, "I don't think we should do my birthday brownies today. I ate too much pizza." But then you rallied and made room for the brownies, because no cake or cupcakes for you, thank you very much. You do not like them. You are the only kid who will go to a birthday party and politely say, "No thank you. I do not like cake." Green juice. You could live on green juice. Your top favorite restaurants: Ikea, Hancos, Dino-saur BBQ, and Mike Daddy's pizza. You've started eating a lot more foods though. Even though you're still a skinny little kid. It's awesome to see you try things more and more.

You're becoming more and more independent - and are starting to roll your eyes at Mama and Dada when we say certain things. Sometimes I ask you a question and you answer "Of course!!!!" like a 16-year old teenager. Please hold off on that a little more.

I love you so much my heart could burst. You make me so happy, Jackson. I am so lucky I get to be your mama. Happy happy birthday.


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