Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Jackson!

Dear Jackson,

My dear, sweet 7 year old! How in the world did that happen?!

What a great year this has been for you. You're almost done with first grade with Mr. Cliff at PS10. You've learned how to read -- level, E, F, J and K. Superhero books are still your favorite reading materials, although Dr. Seuss and PD Eastman are still going strong. More than reading, you love drawing. Every night before bed, you and Dada (and lately Cade) lie on the floor with notebooks spread out in front of you, colored pencils scattered across the floor (Nonno got you an electric pencil sharpener to assist with that task), and draw til it's time to get into bed (7:30). Then you read in bed til lights-out (8:00). You still threaten to come into our room and sleep in there and to be honest, I'll be a little sad when you don't say that you want that anymore.

You are still our little day-dreamer, staring into space while chewing....slowly forgetting to chew....looking out the window til I say, "Jackson! What are you DOING!" Sometimes you'll sigh and say, "Day-dreaming!" You might take 20 minutes to wash your hands or brush your teeth and Dada and I have NO idea what you are doing in there. But in spite of this languidness, you love to run. In the mornings, you give your backpack to Dada so you can run unhindered. You run as fast as Cade scoots on his scooter. Go, Jackson, go!

You've gone to see some movies in the theatre - Captain America and the Lego Movie. Still unsure about a lot of animated movies (the Frozen bug missed this house), you prefer adult superhero films (hmm, I wonder why?). On top of that, you know how to work Spotify and EVERY DAY after school I have the pleasure of hearing X-Men (the Soundtrack), Green Lantern (the Soundtrack), Batman (the Soundtrack), Captain America (the Soundtrack) get the picture. Needless to say, not my fav. You love taking pictures too.

You have lots of friends, your best friend changes now and then, but when I went to bring cupcakes to your classroom, your classmates described you as "caring, funny, handsome, a good friend, and fun to play with."  Did I mention you are an awesome big brother? Well you are. Not always patiently and quietly, but compared to some siblings I've seen, you guys get along really well and really are each other's best friends. I'm so happy that you have each other.

I love you buddy. Now, always, forever and ever. I'm so thankful that you are mine.


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